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The Gartmore Farm Story

The Gartmore Farm is located within the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

The property known as Gartmore Farm comprises three Sub-sections of the original property Welgevonden 969.


William Neil MacGillivray (Dad) purchased Subs 9 and 11 of Welgevonden 969 in December 1959, from Graham MacKeurtan. Sub 6 of Welgevonden was purchased in 1962 and was a logical addition to the other two subs, as it adjoined them. This addition brought the farm's extent to 430 Ha.


The Agriculture

The feeding regime is grass based with the supplementation of good quality maize silage and concentrates to ensure optimum overall roughage utilisation. Currently we are achieving an output of 13,858 litres of milk per Ha annually (based on 12 months rolling average). Our roughage utilisation is 12.9 tons DM per Ha/annum.




Having the Cranes (Crowned, Blue and Wattled) on the farm is not only a source of pride, it also acts as a success indicator in terms of how eco/avi/enviro-friendly our farming practices are.


The Duster Dynasty

Currently the MacNeil Holstein herd comprises 660 Registered Holstein animals in total, with a milking herd of 315 and a dry herd of 53. The average milk per cow produced ranges between 25 litres and 32 litres per day, depending on time of year and prevailing weather and fodder conditions. We are currently ranked 3rd in KZN with a 305 day lactation average of 8995 kgs of milk.


The Herd

The prefix "MacNeil" was assigned to the herd when the Appendix scheme was introduced to expand the Friesland (Holstein) herd-book in South Africa in the early 1960's and all the grade cows were classified and written into Appendix A.